Kosher Food in Kingston

Kosher in Kingston


Many common off-the-shelf food are certified Kosher with appropriate reliable kashrut symbol. As companies can change their manufacturing process, one should always check each item so it continues to bear an appropriate symbol.

Similarly, a number of items do not require certification (see list below).

Specific products that do not require a kosher symbol do vary from kashrut agency to kashrut agency. Prior to purchasing these items please consult with your Local Rabbi for which list should be used.


Specific Kosher Items by Store


Costco (Centennial) Hard Cheese (Bothwell*, 1 KG Old Cheddar and/or Smoke Gouda)

Fish (frozen salmon—Kirkland brand)

Bagels (must be purchased frozen from the bakery itself then baked at home)

Metro (Barrie Street) Frozen Chicken (Marvid)

·         Occasionally has other poultry such as Cornish hens, and turkey

·         Very rarely has beef

·         Occasionally has beef burgers and other prepared food in the same freezer

Reid’s Dairy (Bath Road) Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cakes

Farmboy (Princess) Brings in breads and other goods from Rideau Bakery in Ottawa

·         Rye Bread

Food Basics (Princess St., Barrack St. and Bath Rd.) Pre-packaged frosted cakes

La Rocca Cakes (I have only see this at Bath Rd. Location)

FreshCo. (Princess) Breads (Cibatta, Baugette)
Loblaws (Midland) Small “ethnic” section that includes Israeli staples such as Bamba, Bisilli, Wacky-Mac etc.

Selection varies from week to week and what they order

Tara Fine Food (Downtown Kingston– Princess) Vegan cheeses and other parve Tofutti products
Walmart (Midland) British Candy and Chutneys (however, must consult the London Beit Din app to determine the Kashrut status of the item)
Campus One Stop (Queens University) Deli meat (small selection)
LCBOs (Various Locations) Generally will at least have Manishevitz (?) but consult the LCBO app for each store’ s Kosher Wine selection
Mike Mundell’s Surf and Turf (Gore Rd.) Fresh Fish

Apparently has a set of kosher knives from Rabbi Elkin that can be used to cut the fresh fish as long as you call ahead and ask

However, I cannot comment if these knives still exist, but hey we know they did understand kashrut in the past!


*Bothwell Cheese is generally found in every store in the deli cheese section. Most varieties are kosher except for the cheeses containing red wine and truffles.

Please ensure that cheese is not cut in store as this nullifies the kashrut status


Items that Do Not Need Kosher Certification

(According to COR- Toronto)


Almonds (in shell)

·         Shelled without BHT, BHA and not blanched or roasted


Baking Soda

Baby or Raw carrots

Unsweetened Shredded Coconut


·         Regular beans (whole or ground)

·         Folger’s instant and Taster’s Choice Instant (Regular ONLY)



·         Fresh with no added ingredients but salt

·         Salmon—Fresh ONLY

Frozen Fruit

·         ONLY unsweetened and WITHOUT ADDITIVES (Syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin C)

Fresh Garlic

Hazelnuts (in shell)

·         Shelled without BHT, BHA and not blanched or roasted

Raw Horse Radish

Bagged Ice

Mushrooms- Fresh, dried or  pre-sliced

Orange Juice

·         Frozen concentrate, Grade A 100% Pure without additives or enrichments

Non-idoized sea salt


·         White granulated


·         Pure black, green, white (leaves or bag)

Walnuts (in shell)

·         Shelled without BHT, BHA and not blanched or roasted

Unflavoured Water


Items that Do Not Need Kosher Certification

(According to Scroll K—Vaad HaKashrus of Denver)


Baking Powder

Baking Soda

Brown Sugar

Pure Cocoa

Coconut Flakes (without glycerin)

Corn Grits

Corn Meal

Corn Starch

Corn Syrup


Dry Beans (but check for bug infestations)

Unflavored Coffee

Lemon Juice

Mushrooms (fresh)

Mustard Seed

Evaporated Milk (without additives)

Unflavoured Applesauce





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