May Newsletter


I asked Lisa to delay sending out our monthly newsletter this month until after the Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut events so that we could share with everyone especially those who could not attend the content of the 3 speakers we had over the two days. On Sunday the 30th April we started our celebrations by paying tribute and remembering the 23,544 Israeli Soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives defending the State of Israel.
Geoffrey Clarfield the Project Director for “Canadians for Balfour 100” then spoke to us about the significance of the Balfour Declaration that was signed in 1917 and then became an integral part of the Mandate for Palestine which was the legal document signed by the League of Nations that outlined the land that was to become Israel in 1948. Geoffrey explained how based on international law Israel is the rightful owner of the land west of the Jordan River including the West Bank Judea & Samaria and that Israel is not an occupier of any land. If you want more information please go to Canadians for Balfour 100 website at If you want more information on the Mandate for Palestine and Israel’s right to the entire land of Israel visit Mark Vandermaas’s website
After some Israeli dancing and an Israeli buffet dinner Geoffrey Clarfield gave another talk “From the Lions of Africa to the Lions of Judah The Curious Tale of John Henry Patterson” who was the first Christian Zionist and a key figure who created a Jewish fighting force during World War I that gave birth to a democracy. A copy of his talk can be found if you go to the following web page
On Monday the 1st May we had the opportunity listen to Geoffrey Clarfield and Debbie Rose give us an insight into the history of Yazidi People from Northern Iraq and hear about how their population has dwindled from over 20 million to under 1 million and all through genocides against them. It was an opportunity to learn some history about them and their religion. They also told us about “Project Abraham” that was set up to bring Yazidis to Canada. For more information on “Project Abraham” you can go to
Hearing about the story and plight of the Yazidi’s was very moving and for those who could not attend I encourage you to visit Mozuud’s website and hopefully we as a community can come together to help this very worthwhile cause. If anyone is interested in spearheading this initiative please contact me at or call me at 613-531-1746.
KJC looks forward to continue to work with Geoffrey and the organizations he represents which are, Speakers action group & Canadians for Balfour 100. Stay tuned and visit our website for information on additional speakers we are looking at bringing to Kingston.
All the above link and websites and contact information for Geoffrey & Debbie will be on the KJC Website at
Also on Sunday 30th April a group of woman from KJC and the Islamic Society of Kingston held a very successful pot luck brunch as part of our ongoing multicultural and interfaith outreach. Thank you to Debbie Fitzerman and Lyndsay Wise for organizing this event

Ian Sarfin

June 27 2017 at 7:00pm – AGM; more details to follow


The KJC Choir meets most Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30 pm at Hillel House, 124 Centre Street. This is a non-auditioned community choir, under the direction of Ros Schwartz. If you enjoy singing Jewish music, please come sing with us! You are welcome to join us at any rehearsal, but please contact either Jochebed Katan or Ros Schwartz in advance, in case of occasional changes of time or location, and so that we can have music ready for you. For further information contact Jochebed ( or 613-542-0269) or Ros (

KJC is proud to offer Israeli dancing lessons on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm at Beth Israel (116 Centre St.) All ages and abilities are welcome to join these fun, relaxing lessons, taught by Jackie Mills. Jackie has over 30 years of experience teaching Israeli and International Folk Dance, with a focus on classic and children’s Israeli dance. Please email to confirm class dates.

On Sunday April 30th, about 30 women from the Jewish and Muslim communities got together to have a potluck brunch hosted at the Kingston Islamic Centre. The potluck came about after our initial supper on March 12th hosted by the KJC to show solidarity with the Muslim community after the shooting in Ste Foy/Quebec City. A number of women connected with each other and wanted to keep the momentum going by creating regular events to foster relationships and dialogue. Since food is a common denominator, a potluck seemed like the best way to connect.

We all brought dishes, many from our respective countries of origin, listed our recipes to share, and connected over food. Once the food was set up, Eram and Debbie (our amazing event organizers) said a few words, along with Erum who talked about the importance of creating a safe space for dialogue and discussion to learn about our similarities and differences, as well as what it means to be Muslim and Jewish women in our society. Eram and Debbie had set up a world map for people to put pins in the countries they are originally from as well as an idea board. Aside from food and conversation, our main activity was to identify our next steps to make sure we generated ideas to meet on a regular basis. With many great ideas floating around, we decided on a BBQ in July.

The reality is that as a group we didn’t need any extra activities or ice breakers. Everyone was friendly, talkative, and warm from the start. Some people got a real kick out of having the recipes and being able to try kugel and pakoras at the same sitting. I ate brunch with women from Indonesia and Pakistan who talked about some of the cultural differences and how their children experienced things differently being born in Canada. We talked about food, how similar our religions are, some of the differences, our families, and how our outlook on food provides a common denominator. Overall, I think these types of connections are important as we continue to develop relationships with members of other religious and minority groups throughout Kingston.

Lyndsay Wise

Chabad will be hosting an all-night Torah-study session Tuesday night, May 30 starting at 10pm, in preparation for the giving of the Torah! Join as we delve into the deepest parts of the Torah (that they never taught in Hebrew School!), the significance of the number 3 and the Talmudic passage recounting the story of Mount Sinai.
Join us together with family and friends on the first day of Shavuot, Wednesday May 31, at 4:30pm for the reading of the 10 Commandments followed by a scrumptious Shavuot dairy feast.
You will be treated to a special Ice Cream Party – Ten Commandments, Ten Toppings.
Hope to see you all there.

CHARLOTTE: A Tri-coloured Play with Music is an ambitious, genre-bending music theatre piece based on the life and artwork of Charlotte Salomon, a little-known Jewish artist born in Berlin a century ago. Charlotte grew up during the rise of Nazism and under the shadow of family tragedy. She was a playwright without a stage, a graphic novelist before such a thing existed, and a young woman struggling to claim her voice and affirm her existence. Charlotte produced over 1000 gouaches between 1941 and 1942 while in hiding in the South of France. Before her deportation to Auschwitz, age 26 and pregnant, she handed the paintings to a local physician, with the message: “Take good care of this… it is my whole life.“
CHARLOTTE can be seen in its first ever public presentation in Kingston on Thursday June 1, at 7:30pm. See The Isabel website for details and tickets.
password: charlotte