December Newsletter


The Grow Kingston Committee has been hard at work analyzing the information we collected from the survey and we are pleased to make available to the community a snapshot of the demographics of who responded to the survey. You can see the demographic results if you go to the following link
If the link does not direct you to the results, please copy and paste it into your browser. This presentation will also be posted on the KJC website
We will be presenting the full results of the survey to the KJC, Beth Israel & Iyr HaMelech boards in January 2018 and will then plan a community event in February or March to share and discuss the results with the community.
As we look forward to celebrating Hanukkah this year and wait to hear what our community wants for the future, let’s reflect on the words of Rabbi Norman Lam in his book The Megilah: Majesty & Mystery:
“Perhaps the most significant aspect of the most important feature of Hanukkah — the Hanukkah candles — is the increase in the number of candles from day to day. The lighting of the candles is progressive; that is, we proceed from least to most. What we have is growth and increase and progress. It was the House of Hillel which gave this order its legal form when it said that mosif ve-holekh, the number of candles is to be increased each night, because ma’alin be-kodesh, because one must rise, increase, or progress in holiness.
In a sense, this idea of increase, of addition, of the progressive candles, is a very deep and incisive commentary on Jewish life and what it should be. The Hanukkah candles represent more than merely the military victory of the Jewish Maccabees over the Greek Antiochus. They symbolize the clash of cultures as well, the war of world-views. There was the Greek world, steeped in its oriental idolatry, pitted against a Jewish minority stubbornly proud of its pure belief in one God.
The light of the progressive candles is, therefore, for us, an enlightening commentary on what Jewish life should be. They inspire us to better behavior, challenge us to greater deeds, and urge us on to new and broader horizons, with that ever-valid commandment, ‘Rise in holiness.’”
Let’s keep these words in mind as we look to the future of the Kingston Jewish Community and let’s all rise up to the challenge we and other communities are facing and let’s cherish our past accomplishments but also be progressive in rising up and accepting that in order to grow and flourish we must embrace change instead of just sitting back and accepting the status quo.
Accepting change is very difficult to do, but once it is accepted the benefits are worth it.
So as we enjoy the festival of Hanukkah with family and friends and see the beautiful Hanukkah candles progress from one to eight, let’s also see how our community can progress for the next 100 years and become the centre of Jewish activity between Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa.
Chag Hanukkah Sameach

Ian Sarfin
President KJC (613)531-1746



December 13 at 5:30pm – Light Up the Night, KJC’s 11th annual Hanukkah celebration taking place in the Springer Market Square Amphitheatre. All are welcome so spread the word!


In November, there has been a city-wide campaign to fill Shoe Boxes for Indigenous Children of Northern Ontario. KJC, along with other ethnic, religious and community groups, has been asked to support and contribute to the needs of these isolated and troubled children.
KJC has adopted this project wholeheartedly. You can help by filling a Shoe Box yourself or contributing items which a volunteer group will put together in the Shoe Boxes. The summer is a good time to start collecting items for the Shoe Boxes; the Sunday Market, garage sales and dollar stores are excellent sources of supplies. Items must be clean and new.
The Shoe Boxes go directly to schools for children 4 to 16 years of age and is confined to 3 categories: Health, Educational and Recreational items. No videos or clothes are accepted except warm hats, mitts, gloves, scarves and socks. A suggested list of items is included below.
Each Shoe Box displays a label from the donor and an encouraging short message may be included. Each Shoe Box will have a label “From the Kingston Jewish Community” attached to it.
The airlines are flying the Shoe Boxes into the North without payment but the volunteers that accompany and distribute the Shoe Boxes must pay for their fares, so a very small contribution in each Shoe Box is appreciated to help pay for their flight. Donations in lieu of Shoe Boxes will receive tax receipts, as this is a registered charity.
We have already started collecting items and will be happy to arrange pick-ups. If you are interested in helping you are welcome to join us. Assembling the Shoe Boxes is being done out of my apartment at 85 Ontario St., Apt. 408.
My name is Ruth Dukas, please feel free to ask for any information you require at 613-549-2298 or at
Please help us make this project of KJC a great success and provide proof to Kingston how much we care for the welfare of our youth in Canada.

The KJC Choir meets most Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30 pm at Hillel House, 124 Centre Street. This is a non-auditioned community choir, under the direction of Ros Schwartz. If you enjoy singing Jewish music, please come sing with us! You are welcome to join us at any rehearsal, but please contact either Jochebed Katan or Ros Schwartz in advance, in case of occasional changes of time or location, and so that we can have music ready for you. For further information contact Jochebed ( or 613-542-0269) or Ros (

KJC is proud to offer Israeli dancing lessons on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm at Beth Israel (116 Centre St.) All ages and abilities are welcome to join these fun, relaxing lessons, taught by Jackie Mills. Jackie has over 30 years of experience teaching Israeli and International Folk Dance, with a focus on classic and children’s Israeli dance. Please email to confirm class dates.




Students from Iyr Ha’Melech and Beth Israel came together on September 17 to make pickles.  These pickles are now ready for sale – $7 per jar, available by contacting Leanne Lieberman at or Lisa Cassidy at Please support the children in their Tzedakah project.



The Iconic JNF Blue Tzedakah Box – still going strong 
The JNF tzedakah box was introduced in 1904, three years after the creation of the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Ever since, these Blue Boxes, have existed in almost every Jewish home and educational institution in Israel and around the world. Every single coin placed in the Blue Box still helps make a better life for all Israelis, regardless of ethnic or religious background.
In the 21st Century, JNF has helped to build shelters for victims of domestic abuse and therapeutic playgrounds for children with severe disabilities. It helps to create hospital mental health centres, support educational programs, and fund cutting-edge agricultural research.
Turn in your filled Blue Box at KJC’s Light Up the Night on December 13th , Beth Israel’s Chanukah party on December 10th, or to Wanda Couling at Beth Israel during regular office hours Monday to Friday 9am-3pm before December 18th and receive a 2017 tax receipt – don’t forget to put name and address on the box!